Dauntless, ship of the future, created for you in Enkhuizen

A superior sight proudly presented to you by De Gier Yachtbuilders;
the new design from the renowned yacht builder from Enkhuizen.
A luxury dream yacht that is the result of a meticulous search
for the perfect ship. We would like to let the world know:
mission accomplished.

This new design is the pinnacle of  De Gier Yachtbuilders extensive experience in designing and building luxury yachts. The shipyard delivers a true work of art with this cutting-edge and yet classic yacht: a comfort-able, robust and stylish ship that is also very easy to use and versatile. And even though it has an especially high-quality finish on all levels, this round-bilged wonder of the waters has a great price. In other words: the ultimate yacht, available in 45, 50 and 60-foot models.


It is up to you

We would like to inform you of a few of the options. For instance, you can opt to place the deck, parlour and galley all on the same level so the height differences are minimised. The parlour and the stern are level in any case so that there is a great sense of space and you can vary in the extent to which interior and exterior space flow into each other depending on the company and circumstances. You can also choose how many guest cabins and bathrooms are installed on board. These are only a few of many options to completely personalise your yacht.


The benefit of top quality

It is good to know that thanks to the materials and techniques used as well as to the extremely high finish of this yacht, your yacht will require little maintenance. Other details also contribute to the yacht’s comfort. For instance, the spacious engine room is located below the stern so you experience minimal engine noise on board. The engine room also offers storage space and a charging point for electric bicycles. Another benefit: all on-board systems can also be operated easily without experience and will have little to no faults.


The dauntless specifications

• Very easy to control thanks to bow and stern thrusters
• A maximum sailing comfort thanks to low-noise and vibration construction
• Fuel-efficient engine and ergonomic bottom
• Wide gangways free of obstacles with luxury lined railing
Dauntless 45 ft 50 ft 60 ft Column 6
Total length approx. 13,50 14,95 18,00


Column 6 Value
Total width approx. 4,50 4,90 5,50


Column 6 Value 2
Water line length approx. 12,00 13,25 15,90


Column 6 Value 3
Draught approx. 1,35 1,40 1,70


Column 6 Value 4
Headway approx. 3,15 3,40 3,60


Column 6 Value 5
Water displacement approx. 21,00 30,00 50,00


Column 6 Value 6
Cruise or economic speed approx. 7,00 7,50 8,50


Column 6 Value 7
Column 1 Value 8 Column 2 Value 8 Column 3 Value 8 Column 4 Value 8 Column 5 Value 8 Column 6 Value 8


Meet the yacht of your dreams

More than enough reason to get to know this sensational super yacht.
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